Trends and Topics in Computer Vision [E-Book] : ECCV 2010 Workshops, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, September 10-11, 2010, Revised Selected Papers, Part II / edited by Kiriakos N. Kutulakos.
Kutulakos, Kiriakos N.
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 2012
XXII, 479 p. 262 illus. digital.
Lecture notes in computer science ; 6554
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Table of Contents:
  • Estimating Shadows with the Bright Channel Cue
  • Color-Constant Information Embedding
  • Bi-affinity Filter: A Bilateral Type Filter for Color Images
  • Photometric Color Calibration of the Joint Monitor-Camera Response Function
  • Polyakov Action Minimization for Efficient Color Image Processing
  • Color Invariant SURF in Discriminative Object Tracking
  • The Narrow-Band Assumption in Log-Chromaticity Space
  • Is Light Blue azzurro Color Name Universal in the Italian Language?
  • Tone Correction with Dynamic Objects for Seamless Image Mosaic
  • Saliency Maps of High Dynamic Range Images
  • Visibility Maps for Improving Seam Carving
  • Feedback Retargeting
  • How to Measure the Relevance of a Retargeting Approach?
  • 3D Modelling of Static Environments Using Multiple Spherical Stereo
  • Hallucination-Free Multi-View Stereo
  • Removing the Example from Example-Based Photometric Stereo
  • iModel: Interactive Co-segmentation for Object of Interest 3D Modeling
  • Automatic Registration of Large-Scale Multi-sensor Datasets
  • Region Graphs for Organizing Image Collections
  • Automatic Registration of Oblique Aerial Images with Cadastral Maps
  • A Multi-stage Linear Approach to Structure from Motion
  • Relative Bundle Adjustment Based on Trifocal Constraints
  • Accurate Single Image Multi-modal Camera Pose Estimation
  • An Evaluation of Two Automatic Landmark Building Discovery
  • Algorithms for City Reconstruction
  • Vanishing Point Detection by Segment Clustering on the Projective Space
  • Effective and Efficient Image Copy Detection Based on GPU
  • Really Quick Shift: Image Segmentation on a GPU Accelerated Likelihoods for Stereo-Based Articulated
  • A Highly Efficient GPU Implementation for Variational Optic Flow Based on the Euler-Lagrange Framework
  • From Multiple Views to Textured 3D Meshes: A GPU-Powered Approach
  • Comparison of Dense Stereo Using CUDA
  • Energy-Aware Real-Time Face Recognition System on Mobile CPU-GPU Platform
  • Practical Time Bundle Adjustment for 3D Reconstruction on the GPU
  • Accelerating Visual Categorization with the GPU
  • Parallel Generalized Thresholding Scheme for Live Dense Geometry from a Handheld Camera
  • Fast Organization of Large Photo Collections Using CUDA.