Introduction to semiconductor materials and devices / M. S. Tyagi

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Tyagi, M. S.
New-York, NY : Wiley, 1991
XVII, 669 S.
basic solid state physics
atomic structure and statistical mechanics
crystalline solids and energy bands
fundamentals of semiconductors
semiconductor materials and their properties
carrier transport in semiconductors
excess carriers in semiconductors
semiconductor junctions and interfaces
pn- junctions
static I/V characteristics of pn- junction diodes
electrical breakdown in pn- junctions
dynamical behavior of pn- junction diodes
majority carrier diodes
semiconductor devices
microwave diodes
optoelectronic devices
bipolar junction transistors
junction and metal/semiconductor field effect transistors
MOS transistors and charge coupled devices
circuit models for transistors
power rectifiers and thyristors
semiconductor technology and measurements
technology of semiconductor devices and integrated circuits
semiconductor measurements

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