Synthetic Messenger RNA and Cell Metabolism Modulation [E-Book] : Methods and Protocols / edited by Peter M. Rabinovich.
Rabinovich, Peter M.
Totowa, NJ : Humana Press, 2013
XI, 324 p. 49 illus., 18 illus. in color. digital.
Methods in molecular biology, methods and protocols ; 969
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Table of Contents:
  • Cell Engineering with Synthetic Messenger RNA
  • In vitro Transcription of Long RNA Containing Modified Nucleosides
  • HPLC Purification of in vitro Transcribed Long RNA
  • Synthetic mRNAs with Superior Translation and Stability Properties
  • Non-Viral, Cationic Lipid-Mediated Delivery of mRNA
  • Light-Induced mRNA Transfection
  • Engineering B Cells with mRNA
  • Programming Human Dendritic Cells with mRNA
  • Large Volume Flow Electroporation of mRNA: Clinical Scale Process
  • Retrovirus-Based mRNA Transfer for Transient Cell Manipulation
  • mRNA Delivery to Human Dendritic Cells by Recombinant
  • Non-Viral RNA Transfection to Transiently Modify T Cells with Chimeric Antigen Receptors for Adoptive Therapy
  • Natural Killer Cell Reprogramming with Chimeric Immune Receptors
  • Reprogramming to Pluripotency and Differentiation of Cells with Synthetic mRNA
  • Anti-Tumor Vaccination with Synthetic mRNA: Strategies for in vitro and in vivo Preclinical Studies
  • Mannosylated and Histidylated LPR Technology for Vaccination with Tumor Antigen mRNA
  • Analysis of Surviving-Specific T Cells in Breast Cancer Patients Using Human DCs Engineered with Survivin mRNA
  • mRNA electroporation as a Tool for Immunomonitoring
  • mRNA PCR-Based Epitope Chase Method.