Computer Vision – ACCV 2012 [E-Book] : 11th Asian Conference on Computer Vision, Daejeon, Korea, November 5-9, 2012, Revised Selected Papers, Part II / edited by Kyoung Mu Lee, Yasuyuki Matsushita, James M. Rehg, Zhanyi Hu.
Lee, Kyoung Mu.
Matsushita, Yasuyuki. / Rehg, James M. / Hu, Zhanyi.
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 2013
XXVI, 817 p. 377 illus. digital.
Printed edition: 9783642374432
Lecture notes in computer science ; 7725
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Table of Contents:
  • Poster Session 3 (Continued): Segmentation, Grouping, and Classification Multi-layer Spectral Clustering for Video Segmentation
  • Video Co-segmentation
  • Globally Minimal Path Method Using Dynamic Speed Functions Based on Progressive Wave Propagation
  • Vanishing Points Estimation and Line Classification in a Manhattan World
  • Online Learning for Fast Segmentation of Moving Objects
  • A Linear Programming Based Method for Joint Object Region Matching and Labeling
  • Using Models of Objects with Deformable Parts for Joint Categorization and Segmentation of Objects
  • A Robust Stereo Prior for Human Segmentation
  • Voronoi-Based Extraction of a Feature Skeleton from Noisy Triangulated Surfaces
  • Maximal Cliques Based Rigid Body Motion Segmentation with a RGB-D Camera
  • Online Web-Data-Driven Segmentation of Selected Moving Objects in Videos
  • Multi-Level Structured Image Coding on High-Dimensional Image Representation
  • Incremental Slow Feature Analysis with Indefinite Kernel for Online Temporal Video Segmentation
  • Texture Classification Based on BIMF Monogenic Signals
  • Toward Perception-Based Shape Decomposition
  • Co-regularized PLSA for Multi-view Clustering
  • Oral Session 4: Image Representation
  • Quadra-Embedding: Binary Code Embedding with Low Quantization Error
  • Learning a Context Aware Dictionary for Sparse Representation
  • Robust Multiple-Instance Learning with Superbags
  • Poster Session 4: Image/Video Retrieval and Medical Image Analysis
  • Automatic Grading of Cortical and PSC Cataracts Using Retroillumination Lens Images
  • Registration of Pre-operative CT and Non-contrast-Enhanced C-arm CT: An Application to Trans-Catheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI)
  • Automatic Webcam-Based Human Heart Rate Measurements Using Laplacian Eigenmap
  • Superpixel Classification Based Optic Disc Segmentation
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament Segmentation from Knee MR Images Using Graph Cuts with Geometric and Probabilistic Shape Constraints
  • Robust Mid-Sagittal Plane Extraction in 3-D Ultrasound Fetal Volume for First Trimester Screening
  • Automatic Skin Lesion Segmentation Based on Texture Analysis and Supervised Learning
  • Multiscale Convolutional Neural Networks for Vision–Based Classification of Cells
  • Semantic-Context-Based Augmented Descriptor for Image Feature Matching
  • Image Synthesis and Occlusion Removal of Intermediate Views by Stereo Matching
  • PEDIVHANDI: Multimodal Indexation and Retrieval System for Lecture Videos
  • Digitization of Deformed Documents Using a High-Speed Multi-camera Array
  • A Phase-Based Approach for Caption Detection in Videos
  • Efficient Clothing Retrieval with Semantic-Preserving Visual Phrases
  • VISOR: Towards On-the-Fly Large-Scale Object Category Retrieval
  • A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Tags: Automatic Web Based Image Tag Expansion
  • Image Retrieval Using Eigen Queries
  • Fast and Effective Retrieval of Plant Leaf Shapes
  • Complete Generic Camera Calibration and Modeling Using Spline Surfaces
  • q-Gaussian Mixture Models Based on Non-extensive Statistics for Image And Video Semantic Indexing
  • Oral Session 5: Object Recognition II
  • Rapid Uncertainty Computation with Gaussian Processes and Histogram Intersection Kernels
  • Histogram of Oriented Normal Vectors for Object Recognition with a Depth Sensor
  • Globally Optimal Consensus Set Maximization through Rotation Search
  • Graspable Parts Recognition in Man-Made 3D Shapes
  • Poster Session 5: Face/Gesture Analysis and Recognition
  • Face Recognition after Plastic Surgery: A Comprehensive Study
  • Enhancing Expression Recognition in the Wild with Unlabeled Reference Data
  • Benchmarking Still-to-Video Face Recognition via Partial and Local Linear Discriminant Analysis on COX-S2V Dataset
  • Fusing Magnitude and Phase Features for Robust Face Recognition
  • Finding Happiest Moments in a Social Context
  • Sparsity Sharing Embedding for Face Verification
  • Semantic Pixel Sets Based Local Binary Patterns for Face Recognition
  • An Adaptation Framework for Head-Pose Classification in Dynamic Multi-view Scenarios
  • Face Parts Localization Using Structured-Output Regression Forests
  • Human Face Super-Resolution Based on NSCT
  • Digital Paparazzi: Spotting Celebrities in Professional Photo Libraries
  • Nighttime Face Recognition at Long Distance: Cross-Distance and Cross-Spectral Matching
  • Hand Posture Recognition from Disparity Cost Map
  • Qualitative Pose Estimation by Discriminative Deformable Part Models
  • Learning Discriminant Face Descriptor for Face Recognition
  • Optimal Operator Space Pursuit: A Framework for Video Sequence Data Analysis
  • Cross-view Graph Embedding
  • Fast Training of Effective Multi-class Boosting Using Coordinate Descent Optimization
  • Hierarchical Space Tiling for Scene Modeling.