Theory of defects in solids : Electronic structure of defects in insulators and semiconductors.

Theory of defects in solids: electronic structure of defects in insulators and semiconductors

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Stoneham, A. M.
Oxford : Clarendon Pr., 1975.
XIX, 955 S.
Monographs on the physics and chemistry of materials.
The perfect solid: theory
crystals and lattice geometry
electronic structure of the perfect lattice
lattice dynamics
Electronic structure of isolated defects in solids: theory
effective mass theory
Green's function methods
variational methods
molecular methods and model calculations
lattice distortion for defect systems
general results
Calculation of observable properties of defects in solids
optical properties
dynamics of imperfect lattices
external fields and their effects
electron spin resonance
nonradiative processes and interaction of free carriers with defects
Defects in solids: comparison of theory and experiment
the F- center and related one- carrier systems
centers with two carriers
the R- center
the V(k)-center and the relaxed exciton
the H- center and other intrinsic interstitials
hydrogen in ionic crystals: U-, U1- and U2- centers
the reorientation of defects in solids
transition metal ions
shallow donors and acceptors in semiconductors
isoelectronic impurities
dipolar systems and donor/acceptor pairs
bound excitons
valencies in valence crystals

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