Computer Arithmetic and Validity [E-Book] : Theory, Implementation, and Applications.
Kulisch, Ulrich
Berlin : De Gruyter
1 online resource (XVII, 409 S.)
De Gruyter Studies in Mathematics ; 33
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Biographical note: Ulrich Kulisch, University Karlsruhe.
Main description: The present book deals with the theory of computer arithmetic, its implementation on digital computers and applications in applied mathematics to compute highly accurate and mathematically verified results.The aim is to improve the accuracy of numerical computing (by implementing advanced computer arithmetic) and to control the quality of the computed results (validity). The book can be useful as high-level undergraduate textbook but also as reference work for scientists researching computer arithmetic and applied mathematics.
Review text: "The book can be used as a high-level undergraduate textbook but also as a reference work for research in computer arithmetic and applied mathematics."In: Ems Newsletter 3/2009