Groups of Prime Power Order: Volume 2: Berkovich, Yakov; Janko, Zvonimir: Groups of Prime Power Order [E-Book] / Berkovich, Yakov; Janko, Zvonimir.
Janko, Zvonimir
Berkovich, Yakov
Berlin : De Gruyter
1 online resource (XV, 596 S.)
De Gruyter Expositions in Mathematics ; 47
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Biographical note: Yakov Berkovich, University of Haifa, Israel; Zvonimir Janko, Universität Heidelberg.
Main description: This is the second of three volumes on finite p-group theory, written by two prominent authors in the area.
Review text: "Again, buy these books and learn from it!"R.W. van der Waall in: Zentralblatt MATH 1168