Infinite Dimensional Groups and Manifolds [E-Book].
Wurzbacher, Tilmann
Berlin : De Gruyter
1 online resource (VIII, 248 S.)
IRMA Lectures in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics ; 5
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Biographical note: Tilmann Wurzbacher is Professor at theMathematics Department of the University of Metz, France.
Main description: Dieser Band beinhaltet eine Sammlung wissenschaftlicher Forschungsbeiträge zu unendlich-dimensionalen Gruppen und Mannigfaltigkeiten in der Mathematik und Quantenphysik.
Main description: The volume is a collection of refereed research papers on infinite dimensional groups and manifolds in mathematics and quantum physics. Topics covered are: new classes of Lie groups of mappings, the Burgers equation, the Chern-Weil construction in infinite dimensions, the hamiltonian approach to quantum field theory, and different aspects of large N limits ranging from approximation methods in quantum mechanics to modular forms and string/gauge theory duality. The volume gives an overview of important themes of research at the forefront of mathematics and theoretical physics.