Applied Algebraic Dynamics [E-Book].
Khrennikov, Andrei
Anashin, Vladimir
Berlin : De Gruyter
1 online resource (XXIV, 533 S.)
De Gruyter Expositions in Mathematics ; 49
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Biographical note: Vladimir Anashin, Russian State University, Moscow, Russia; Andrei Khrennikov, Växjö University, Sweden.
Main description: This monograph presents recent developments of the theory of algebraic dynamical systems and their applications to computer sciences, cryptography, cognitive sciences, psychology, image analysis, and numerical simulations. The most important mathematical results presented in this book are in the fields of ergodicity, p-adic numbers, and noncommutative groups. For students and researchers working on the theory of dynamical systems, algebra, number theory, measure theory, computer sciences, cryptography, and image analysis.