Robust Algebraic Multilevel Methods and Algorithms [E-Book].
Margenov, Svetozar
Kraus, Johannes
Berlin : De Gruyter
1 online resource (X, 246 S.) 170 x 240 mm
Radon Series on Computational and Applied Mathematics ; 5
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Biographical note: Johannes Kraus, Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics, Linz, Austria;Svetozar Margenov, Institute for Parallel Processing, Sofia, Bulgaria.
Main description: This book deals with algorithms for the solution of linear systems of algebraic equations with large-scale sparse matrices, with a focus on problems that are obtained after discretization of partial differential equations using finite element methods. Provides a systematic presentation of the recent advances in robust algebraic multilevel methods. Can be used for advanced courses on the topic.
Review text: "The book will nd its readers in the people who are interested in (algebraic) multigrid."Dietrich Braess in Zentralblatt MATH 1/2010