Stochastic Dynamics and Boltzmann Hierarchy [E-Book].
Petrina, Dmitri Ya.
Berlin : De Gruyter
1 online resource (XIII, 295 S.)
De Gruyter Expositions in Mathematics ; 48
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Biographical note: D. Ya. Petrina †, formerly Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Kiev, Ukraine.
Main description: The monograph is devoted to one of the most important trends in contemporary mathematical physics, the investigation of evolution equations of many-particle systems of statistical mechanics. The book systematizes rigorous results obtained in this field in recent years, and it presents contemporary methods for the investigation of evolution equations of infinite-particle systems. The book is intended for experts in statistical physics, mathematical physics, and probability theory and for students of universities specialized in mathematics and physics.
Review text: "This book may be useful for advanced graduate students and for scientists who are interested in mathematical problems of the statistical mechanics and rare ed gasesow.?"Oleg A. Sinkevich in: Zentralblatt Math 1/2010<