Sample Preparation Techniques for Soil, Plant, and Animal Samples [E-Book] / edited by Miodrag Micic.
Micic, Miodrag, (editor)
1st ed. 2016.
New York, NY : Humana Press, 2016
XXIII, 406 p. 96 illus., 65 illus. in color. online resource.
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Table of Contents:
  • Physical and Chemical Properties of Nucleic Acids
  • Sampling for Biostatistics
  • Sampling of Microbiological Samples
  • Techniques for Nucleic Acid Purifications from Plant, Animal, and Microbial Samples
  • Magnetic beads based nucleic acids purification for molecular biology applications
  • Systems for Mechanical Sample Lysis and Homogenization for Molecular Biology Applications
  • Bead beating offers high performance homogenization for molecular biology downstream processing of tough and difficult samples
  • High Performance Bead Beating Based Lysing, Homogenization and Grinding for DNA, RNA and proteins extraction with FastPrep┬« Systems
  • Portable Systems for Sample Lysis and Homogenization
  • DNA and RNA extractions from mammalian samples
  • Sample preparation for multiplex PCR assays for food and agriculture applications
  • Nucleic acid sample preparation from stem cells
  • Nucleic Acids Sample Preparation from Teeth/Dental Remains
  • Nucleic Acids Sample Preparation for Food Traceability
  • Nucleic Acids Sample Preparation for Quantitative and Qualitative GMO analysis
  • Nucleic Acids Samples Preparation from Dairy Products and Milk
  • Extraction of DNA from Plant Tissue: Review and Protocols
  • DNA Extraction from Seeds
  • RNA extractions from difficult to prepare and high starch content seeds
  • Nucleic Acid and Protein Sample Preparation from Yeasts
  • Nucleic acids purification from soil and environmental sources
  • Extraction and Purification of Viral Nucleic Acids from Environmental Samples
  • Preparation of nucleic acids from marine samples: applications to microbial ecology research
  • Nucleic Acid Sample Preparation from Feces and Manure
  • Bead-beating sample preparation for nucleic acids isolation from fecal samples
  • Methods for extraction and purification of lignin and cellulose from plant tissues
  • Separation and purification of glycans out of glycoproteins
  • Prion extraction methods: comparison of bead beating, ultrasonic disruption and repeated freeze-thaw methodologies for the recovery of functional Renilla-prion fusion protein from bacteria.