International Trade by Commodity Statistics [E-Book].
Previous Title: International Trade by Commodity Statistics = Statistiques du commerce international par produit
Paris : OECD Publishing, 2010-2015
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International Trade by Commodity Statistics (ITCS) is OECD’s reliable source of annual data providing detailed import and export data in US dollars broken down by commodity and by partner country. Each of the first four volumes of ITCS contains the tables for seven OECD countries. The data are published in the volumes as they come in from reporting countries. The fifth volume includes the OECD country groupings OECD Total and Extra European Union. For each country, this publication shows detailed tables relating to the SITC, Revision 3, Sections and Divisions (1 and 2 digits). Each table shows both imports and exports over the latest five-year period available by commodity with about seventy partner countries or country groupings. Figures are shown in US dollars. Trade data with more detailed commodity breakdowns—in both SITC and Harmonised systems—is available in the database listed below and on DVD-ROM.