Physics of new materials : International symposium on physics of new materials : Osaka, 06.89.

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Fujita, Francisco E., (editor)
Cahn, Robert W., (Mitarb.)
Berlin : Springer, 1994.
XI, 304 S.
Springer series in materials science ; 27.
Introduction: physics of new materials
structure characterization of solid state amorphized materials by x-ray and neutron diffraction
nanophase materials: synthesis, structure, and properties
intercalation compounds of transistion metal dichalcogenides
structural phase transformations
(phenomenological theory, martensitic transformations of metals and alloys, shape memory effect, martensite problems in ceramics)
the place of atomic order in the physics of solids and in metallurgy
usefulness of electron microscopy for obtainig topographic information in the atomic scale
Moessbauer spectroscopy in materials science

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