International migration [E-Book]: The relationship with economic and policy factors in the home and destination country / Ben Westmore
Westmore, Ben.
Paris : OECD Publishing, 2015
22 p.
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This paper uses data of the high-skilled and low-skilled migrant stock between 92 origin and 44 destination countries to highlight the relationship between economic factors and international migration. It also attempts to uncover links with policy and demographic factors prevailing in the origin and destination countries. The analysis suggests that higher skill-specific wages in the destination are associated with more migration. This relationship appears to be particularly strong for migrants from middle-income countries, supporting theories of an inverted-U relationship between origin country economic development and the propensity to migrate. Policy differences between the destination and origin also appear important, for example in terms of regulations on businesses and labour markets, along with the relative quality of legal institutions. In some instances, the effects on high-skilled and low-skilled migrants differ markedly. JEL classification codes: F22, J01, O15 Keywords: International migration, labour economics, economic development, public policy