Performance Budgeting in the Netherlands [E-Book]: Beyond Arithmetic / Frans K. M. van Nispen and Johan J. A. Posseth
van Nispen, Frans K. M..
Posseth, Johan J. A..
Paris : OECD Publishing, 2007
27 p.
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Performance-based budgeting seems to be a promising tool for improving the management and accountability of public finances. However, its application causes many difficulties. This article briefly reviews international experience with performance-based budgeting and explores its application in the Netherlands since the late 1990s, including a case study of the Safety Programme. The focus is on transparency and the quality of the performance information. Compared to the former input budget, performance-based budgeting constitutes a major step forward. Given the many difficulties in implementing performance budgeting, it is recommendable, though, to critically revise its scope and shape.