Toward a More Efficient and Innovative Electricity Sector in Russia [E-Book] / Douglas Cooke, Alexander Antonyuk and Isabel Murray
Cooke, Douglas.
Antonyuk, Alexander. / Murray, Isabel.
Paris : OECD Publishing, 2012
20 p. ; 21 x 29.7cm.
IEA Energy Papers ; 2012/06
Russian Federation
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Russia is in the process of one of the most ambitious electricity sector reforms ever undertaken, reflecting the importance of an efficient and reliable electricity sector for promoting economic activity, growth and community prosperity. However, the outcome remains uncertain at this stage. Electricity reform is entering a critical phase in Russia. Hence, the IEA is updating its original work [Russian Electricity Reform: Emerging Challenges and Opportunities, see]. The new study will outline trends and progress since 2005, and will examine the key remaining challenges drawing on the experience of IEA member countries to inform the analysis as appropriate. It is being undertaken in consultation with key Russian stakeholders to ensure the analysis reflects a sound, evidence-based understanding of the key issues. This paper outlines some key issues and preliminary views emerging from IEA analysis and consultations to date, and is provided to facilitate more effective consultation and dialogue with key stakeholders. The IEA would welcome comments on the issues and questions raised in this document, or any other observations stakeholders may wish to raise that may be of relevance to this study. Please forward any written comments in English or Russian to Comments would be gratefully received before close of business, Monday 30 April 2012. Any other questions in relation to this project should be directed to Douglas Cooke, Project Leader ( or Isabel Murray, Russia Programme Manager (