Trends and Determinants of Fertility Rates [E-Book]: The Role of Policies / Anna D'Addio and Marco d'Ercole
D'Addio, Anna.
d'Ercole, Marco.
Paris : OECD Publishing, 2005
93 p. ; 21 x 29.7cm.
OECD Social, Employment and Migration Working Papers ; 27
Social Issues/Migration/Health
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This report tries to explain observed changes in fertility rates across OECD countries, with an emphasis on socio-economic considerations. It aims to extend the understanding of fertility-related behaviours in different ways: first, by explaining recent developments in fertility rates and their relationships to other social drivers; second, by developing and testing new and expanded models to explain the cross-country variation in fertility rates due to labour markets, social and fiscal policies, and individual characteristics; third, by exploring which polices, through their effects on particular variables at micro and macro levels, have the biggest effect on fertility rates.