Quality assurance in the european higher education area [E-Book]: The emergence of a german market for quality assurance agencies / Kathia E. Serrano-Velarde
Serrano-Velarde, Kathia E..
Paris : OECD Publishing, 2008
18 p.
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Most European countries have introduced systematic quality assurance as part of an overall governance reform aimed at enhancing universities’ autonomy. Researchers and economic entrepreneurs tend, however, to underestimate the political dimension of accreditation and evaluation when they consider the contribution of quality assurance to the economic competitiveness of universities and/or the economic system as a whole. I intend to shed light on this aspect of quality assurance by 1) analysing how the provision of quality assurance is constrained by the institutional setting in place, and 2) studying the implications of that constraint on the constitution of a national and international market of quality assurance agencies. I begin the analysis by commenting on the political stake in the emergence of a German market of competing quality assurance agencies, then highlight the irreducible dimension of national politics in creating a European market of quality assurance agencies.