Comparing international student and institutional objectives and institutional objectives [E-Book]: Implications for institutional strategy / Rod Skinkle and Sheila Embleton
Skinkle, Rod.
Embleton, Sheila.
Paris : OECD Publishing, 2014
19 p.
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Globalisation of higher education is critical to achieving many of higher education’s highest goals. This paper analyses the results of a survey of over 5000 Indian private high-school students (Skinkle and Embleton, 2011) revealing that 21% are seriously considering international education (IE). Those considering IE often stated their motivations as including improving leadership skills, meeting new people and giving back to society. There is however little research concerning the goals (and practices) of higher education institutions in relation to the aspirations of IE students. A primary motivation for many institutions is financial. The authors integrate the results of the survey with an empirical study of 65 Canadian professorial and administrative leaders at both colleges and universities, from 54 diverse institutions across Canada, to provide critical analyses of perceived benefits, threats and desired outcomes of IE in higher education. Strategic imperatives for IE management are presented.