The institutional organisation of knowledge transfer and its implications [E-Book] / Sjors van der Heide, Peter C. van der Sijde and Cees Terlouw
van der Heide, Sjors.
van der Sijde, Peter C.. / Terlouw, Cees.
Paris : OECD Publishing, 2008
13 p.
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How do European universities organise the knowledge transfer (KT) task? We consider the institutional organisation of knowledge transfer as encompassing 1) the knowledge transfer office structure, i.e. the way universities have embedded and organise their KT activities, 2) the focus towards the KT task, linked to the KT strategy, and 3) the KT activities themselves. Four exploratory cases of European universities show various motives to perform the KT task, different KT strategies and distinct interpretations of KT activities. Hence, the knowledge transfer office does not exist: all have hybrid structures. However, this structure depends on the university’s KT strategy. The KT strategy in combination with the KT activities, and not the knowledge transfer office structure as such, is therefore advocated to be the topic of further research.