Bosnia and Herzegovina Priorities Report 2013 [E-Book] / Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Paris : OECD Publishing, 2013
20 p. ; 21 x 29.7cm.
SIGMA Country Assessment Reports ; 2013/11
Bosnia and Herzegovina
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As a continuation of the 2013 SIGMA assessments and as part of a longer-term programme of work, SIGMA has identified country priorities for public administration reform (PAR) for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Priorities cover the overall PAR needs of the country, including areas which were not covered by the assessments. Priorities in areas outside the scope of SIGMA assessments are based on other analytical sources and SIGMA’s practical experience of working with the country. SIGMA proposes priority 2020 targets for the countries, sub-targets when needed, and sequenced priority activities in 1-2, 3-5 and 5+ year time perspectives.