Quality assured assessment processes [E-Book]: evaluating staff response to change / Bunmi S. Malau-Aduli, Craig Zimitat and Aduli E.O. Malau-Aduli
Malau-Aduli, Bunmi S. .
Zimitat, Craig. / Malau-Aduli, Aduli E.O. .
Paris : OECD Publishing, 2011
24 p.
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Medical education is not exempt from the increasing societal expectations of accountability and this is evidenced by an increasing number of litigation cases by students who are dissatisfied with their assessment. The time and monetary costs of student appeals makes it imperative that medical schools adopt robust quality assured assessment processes. The success of these processes depends on the ability of faculty to determine the necessary changes required and manage the change process. Openness to change is critical; therefore, identifying the processes that facilitate staff openness constitutes an important step in better understanding how higher education institutions can ensure that staff members are willing to support and engage in change initiatives. This paper examines the contribution of the three attributes of the change model (content, process and context) in relation to staff openness to the quality assurance processes of assessment changes that were implemented at the University of Tasmania’s School of Medicine.