What is holding back productivity growth in India ? [E-Book]: Recent microevidence / Sean Dougherty, Richard Herd and Thomas Chalaux
Dougherty, Sean.
Herd, Richard. / Chalaux, Thomas.
Paris : OECD Publishing, 2009
22 p.
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This article examines recent micro-evidence on the productivity of Indian firms, helping to explain why India’s manufacturing sector has not performed as well as many observers expected. A series of structural distortions are documented, all of which may depress the performance of manufacturing, and thus the economy as a whole. These distortions exist at multiple levels, and reflect long-standing problems with the reallocation of labour across sectors, the excessively small scale of firms, low firm turnover, poor product market integration, high industry concentration and persistent state ownership. Combined, these phenomena represent severe restraints on the level and growth of productivity in manufacturing, and suggest that much remains to be done to improve the strength and sustainability of India’s development path.