Covariance Matrix Evaluation and Processing in the Resolved/Unresolved Resonance Regions [E-Book] / Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Paris : OECD Publishing, 2006
35 p.
Nuclear Energy
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This document serves as a summary of the work of Subgroup 20 (SG20) on covariance matrix evaluation and processing in the resolved/unresolved resonance regions, organised under the auspices of the Nuclear Energy Agency’s Nuclear Science Committee Working Party on International Evaluation Co-operation (WPEC). The work described in this report focuses on:- summarising the issues related to covariance evaluation in the resonance region;- discussing the retroactive method used in the SAMMY code [1];- describing the compact format for storing huge covariance matrices in ENDF-6 files;- recent developments and upgrades of processing codes to generate a multi-group covariance matrix from resonance parameter covariance data.