Equilibrium structure and properties of surfaces and interfaces : NATO advanced study institute on surfaces and interfaces: proceedings : Porto-Carras, 18.08.91-30.08.91 / ed. Antonios Gonis

equilibrium structure and properties of surfaces and interfaces :

Saved in:
Gonis, Antonios, (editor)
New-York, NY : Plenum Pr., 1992
XII, 371 S.
NATO ASI series. B. Physics ; 300
x-ray scattering from surfaces and interfaces
scanning tunnneling microscopy
atomistic structure of internal interfaces by high resolution electron microscopy
atomistic simulations of surfaces and interfaces
analytic bond order potentials within tight binding Hueckel theory
topological theory of line defects on crystal surfaces, and their interactions with bulk and interfacial defects
theory of electron states at surfaces and interfaces
embedding for surfaces and interfaces
low energy electron diffraction and electron holography: experiment and theory
magnetic phase transitions at and between interfaces
surface and magnetic effects in core level photoemission
ground state results of ferromagnetic monolayers

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