Diffraction and imaging techniques in material science. 1. Electron microscopy : diffraction and imaging techniques : summer school : proceedings : Antwerpen, 28.07.69-08.08.69.

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Amelinckx, S., (editor)
2., rev. ed.
Amsterdam : North Holland, 1978.
XVII, 453 S.
Diffraction and imaging techniques in material science ; 1.
Transmission electron microscopy (TEM)
kinematical theory of electron diffraction
dynamical theory of electron diffraction
the study of planar interfaces by means of electron microscopy
the weak- beam method of electron microscopy
identification of small defect clusters in particle irradiated crystals by means of TEM
some applications of TEM to phase transitions
martensitic transformations: electron microscopy and diffraction
computed electron micrographs and their use in defect identification
direct structure imaging in electron microscopy
Particular aspects of electron diffraction
Kikuchi electron diffraction and applications
study of substitution order/disorder by means of x-ray and electron diffraction

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