Oogenesis [E-Book] : Methods and Protocols / edited by Ioannis P. Nezis.
Nezis, Ioannis P., (editor)
New York, NY : Humana Press, 2016
X, 277 p. 50 illus. online resource.
Methods in molecular biology ; 1457
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Table of Contents:
  • Histological Analysis of the Arabidopsis Gynoecium and Ovules Using Chloral Hydrate Clearing and Differential Interference Contrast Light Microscopy
  • Indirect Immunofluorescence of Proteins in Oogenic Germ Cells of Caenorhabditis Elegans
  • Antibody Staining In Drosophila Germaria
  • In Vitro< Culturing and Live Imaging of Drosophila Egg Chambers: A History and Adaptable Method
  • Using Fluorescent Reporters to Monitor Autophagy in the Female Germ Line Cells in Drosophila Melanogaster
  • Analysis of Phagocytosis in the Drosophila Ovary
  • Immuno-Gold Labeling Of Drosophila Follicles For Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • Preparation of Drosophila Follicles for Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • Quantitative Real-Time PCR Analysis of Gene Transcripts of Mosquito Follicles
  • Studying Oogenesis in a Non-Model Organism Using Transcriptomics; Assembling, Annotating, and Analysing your Data
  • Live Imaging of Centriole Dynamics by Fluorescently-Tagged Proteins un Starfish Oocyte Meiosis
  • High-Pressure Freezing Electron Microscopy of Zebrafish Oocytes
  • Cytoskeleton and Cytoskeleton-Bound RNA Visualization in Frog and Insect Oocytes
  • RNA FISH, DNA FISH and Chromosome Painting of Chicken Oocytes
  • Preparation of Cell Lysate from Mouse Oocytes for Western Blotting Analysis
  • Quantitative Microinjection of Morpholino Antisense Oligonucleotides into Mouse Oocytes to Examine Gene Function in Meiosis-I
  • Monitoring Calcium Oscillations in Fertilized Mouse Eggs
  • Live Imaging of Intracellular Dynamics During Meiotic Maturation in Mouse Oocytes
  • Isolation of Mammalian Oogonial Stem Cells by Antibody-Based Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting
  • Immunohistochemistry of Paraffin Sections from Mouse Ovaries. .