Quantum field theoretical methods in statistical physics / A. A. Abrikosov, L. P. Gor'kov, and I. Ye Dzyaloshinskii, english translation edited by D. Ter Haar

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Abrikosov, A. A.
Gor'kov, L. P. / Dzyaloshinskii, I. Ye. / Ter Haar, D., (editor)
2., rev. and enl. ed.
Oxford : Pergamon Pr., 1965
XII, 365 S.
International series of monographs in natural philosophy ; 4
general properties of many particle systems at low temperatures
methods of quantum field theory for t = 0
the diagram technique in quantum field theory
theory of the fermi liquid
systems of interacting bosons
electromagnetic radiation in an absorbing medium
theory of superconductivity

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