Anthropic awareness : the human aspects of scientific thinking in NMR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry [E-Book] / edited by Csaba Szántay, Jr., Gedeon Richter Plc, Spectroscopic Research Division, Budapest, Hungary.
Szántay, Csaba, (editor)
Amsterdam, Netherlands : Elsevier, [2015]
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Table of Contents:
  • Front Cover; Anthropic Awareness: The Human Aspects of Scientific Thinking in NMR Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry; Copyright; Contents; Contributors; Preface; Editor's Personal Acknowledgments; Part I: ``Anthropic Awareness (AA) ́́(Mind your mind!); Chapter 1: The Philosophy of ``Anthropic Awareness ́́in Scientific Thinking; 1.1. Introduction; 1.2. The Pillars; Pillar 1. AA Is a Tool; Pillar 2. The Definition of ``Science;́́ Pillar 3. The Concepts of ``Science ́́and ``Scientific Truth;́́ Pillar 4. The AA Model of Scientific Thinking
  • Pillar 5. On the Meaning of ``Description ́́and ``UnderstandingṔ́illar 6. The Triangle of Understanding; Pillar 7. The Relationship Between the AA Model of Thinking and the Triangle of Understanding; Pillar 8. Language; Pillar 9. The Definition of Definition; Pillar 10. Scientific Hypotheses, Models, Theories, Laws, Explanations, Metaphors, and Metaphoric Models; Pillar 11. Creativity in Science; Pillar 12. Scientific Communication; Pillar 13. Sound and Unsound Models; Pillar 14. The Role of Refutation in Science; Pillar 15. The Practical Versus Theoretical Significance of Exposing Delusors
  • Pillar 16. Paradigm NestsPillar 17. ``Forward ́́and ``Backward ́́Scientific Research; Pillar 18. The Meaning of ``New ́́Scientific Result; Pillar 19. The Meaning of ``Significant ́́Scientific Result; Pillar 20. Reporting Scientific Results; Pillar 21. The ``Spideric ́́Nature of a Scientific Problem; Pillar 22. AA in the Context of the Literature and Other Initiatives Addressing Cognitive Errors; Pillar 23. ``Everyday Thinking ́́Versus ``Scientific Thinking;́́ Pillar 24. The Trap-Experience; Pillar 25. The Dual Nature of Mental Traps
  • Pillar 26. Mental Traps in Relation to Scientific Knowledge and Intellect (``Educated Error)́́Pillar 27. The Relationship and Synergy of Mental Traps; Pillar 28. Identifying the Mental Traps; Pillar 29. Trap-Blindness and Avoiding Mental Traps; Pillar 30. Trap-Consciousness and the ``Sacredness ́́of Science; 1.3. Mental Traps (Mind Your Mind!); Interlude; Mental Trap (Master Trap) #1. We Seek Mental Security (the ``Enjoy-Your-Flight ́́Effect); Mental Trap (Master Trap) #2. We Have An Instinctive Urge to Interpret Data; Mental Trap (Master Trap) #3. Belief Dominates Over Reason
  • Mental Trap #4. The Initial Belief SyndromeMental Trap #5. We Accept Anecdotal Evidence; Mental Trap #6. We Tend to Trust Authority Without Question (Might is Right); Mental Trap #7. We Go With the Crowd (Herd Instinct); Mental Trap #8. We Accept Knowledge Based on Tradition; Mental Trap #9. We Think Inside Our Paradigm Nests; Mental Trap #10. We Accept Intuitively Appealing Explanations; Mental Trap #11. We Confuse Mathematical Descriptions with a Physical Understanding; Mental Trap #12. We Project the Absolute Truths of Mathematics onto Physics