Antibiotics [E-Book] : Methods and Protocols / edited by Peter Sass.
Sass, Peter, (editor)
New York, NY : Humana Press, 2017
XI, 358 p. 78 illus., 21 illus. in color. online resource.
Methods in molecular biology ; 1520
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Table of Contents:
  • Antibiotics - Precious Goods in Changing Times
  • Mining Bacterial Genomes for Secondary Metabolite Gene Clusters
  • Production of Antimicrobial Compounds by Fermentation
  • Structure Elucidation of Antibiotics by NMR Spectroscopy
  • Computer-Aided Drug Design Methods
  • Cytotoxicity Assays as Predictors of the Safety and Efficacy of Antimicrobial Agents
  • Application of a Bacillus subtilis Whole-cell Biosensor (PliaI-lux) for the Identification of Cell Wall Active Antibacterial Compounds
  • Determination of Bacterial Membrane Impairment by Antimicrobial Agents
  • Mass-sensitive Biosensor Systems to Determine the Membrane Interaction of Analytes
  • Measurement of Cell Membrane Fluidity by Laurdan GP:Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Microscopy
  • In vitro Assays to Identify Antibiotics Targeting DNA Metabolism
  • Fluorescence-based real-time Activity Assays to Identify RNase P inhibitors
  • Reporter Gene-based Screening for TPP Riboswitch Activators
  • Cell-based Fluorescent Screen to Identify Inhibitors of Bacterial Translation Initiation.-Bacterial Histidine Kinases: Overexpression, Purification, and Inhibitor Screen
  • Expression Profiling of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Obtained by Laboratory Evolution
  • Sample Preparation for Mass-Spectrometry Based Absolute Protein Quantification in Antibiotic Stress Research
  • Label-Free Quantitation of Ribosomal Proteins from Bacillus Subtillis for Antibiotic Research
  • Functional Metagenomics to Study Antibiotic Resistance
  • Epidemiological Surveillance and Typing Methods to Track Antibiotic Resistant Strains using High Throughput Sequencing. .