8th International Symposium on High-Temperature Metallurgical Processing [E-Book] / edited by Jiann-Yang Hwang, Tao Jiang, Mark William Kennedy, Onuralp Yücel, P. Chris Pistorius, Varadarajan Seshadri, Baojun Zhao, Dean Gregurek, Ender Keskinkilic.
Gregurek, Dean, (editor)
Hwang, Jiann-Yang, (editor) / Jiang, Tao, (editor) / Kennedy, Mark William, (editor) / Keskinkilic, Ender, (editor) / Pistorius, P. Chris, (editor) / Seshadri, Varadarajan, (editor) / Yücel, Onuralp, (editor) / Zhao, Baojun, (editor)
Cham : Springer, 2017
XXII, 818 p. 421 illus. online resource.
The Minerals, Metals & Materials Series
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Table of Contents:
  • Part 1: Energy Efficient Clean Metallurgical Technology
  • Flash Ironmaking from Magnetite Concentrate in a Laboratory Reactor: Experimental and CFD Work
  • Synthesis of Chromite for Subsequent Carburization by Methane-hydrogen Gas Mixture
  • Effects of Hydrogen-enriched Reduction on Metallurgical Properties of Iron-Bearing Burdens under BF Operation with Cog Injection
  • Microwave-intensified Reduction of Biochar-containing Briquettes
  • Refractory Challenges in Lead Recycling Furnaces
  • Synthesis of Carbide Ceramics via Reduction of Adsorbed Anions on an Activated Carbon Matrix
  • Part 2: Simulation of High Temperature Process
  • A CFD Based Algorithm for Kinetics Analysis of the Reduction of Hematite Concentrate by H2+CO Mixtures in a Drop Tube Reactor
  • A Continuous Dynamic Process Model to Design a Carbon Profile toward Yield Improvement
  • Alloy Yield Prediction Model Based on the Data Analysis in EAF Steelmaking Process
  • Analysis of Jet Behavior and Surface Fluctuations in the Meniscus of Fluid in a Physical Model of a Beam Blank Mold and CFD Modelling
  • CFD Study of Gas-liquid Phase Interaction Inside a Submerged Lance Smelting Furnace for Copper Smelting
  • Debottlenecking High Temperature Metallurgical Plants through Modeling and Simulation
  • Assessment of Slag Entrainment in a RH Degasser through Physical Modelling Using Circulating Fluids of Different Densities/Oil Systems for Simulating Steel Melt/Slag
  • Part 3: Fundamental Research of Metallurgical Process
  • Investigate on the Phase Composition of Vanadium Slag with High CaO Content and Influence of P2O5 on Crystallization Kinetics of Spinels
  • Thermal Analysis Kinetics of the Solid-State Reduction of Nickel Laterite Ores by Carbon
  • Thermodynamic and Experimental Investigations of High Temperature Refractory Corrosion by Molten Slags
  • Thermodynamic Calculation on the Reactivity between Slag and Ti-stabilized Stainless Steel
  • Part 4: Alloys and Materials Preparation
  • Development of a Novel, Low-cost Titanium Extraction Process for Bulk or Powder Applications
  • Evolution of Non-metallic Inclusions in Solid Fe-Al-Ti-N Alloy during Heating
  • Preparation of Low-carbon Ti2O3 by Carbon thermal Reduction of the Mixture of Titanium Dioxide and Activated Carbon under Vacuum Condition
  • Pyrometallurgical Studies for Manganese Extraction Using Turkish Ore Reserves
  • Trace Elements Behavior during the Oxidation of Liquid SiMn Alloy
  • Effect of Microalloy Elements V And Mg on Organization at High Heat Input Welding Shipbuilding Structure Steel
  • Part 5: Extraction and Recovery of Metals
  • Effect of Carbon Reductant On The Formation of Copper Doped Titanium Oxycarbonitride by Carbothermal Reduction and Nitridation
  • Cohering Behavior of Scrap Powder in Kiln by a Novel Natural Stacking Method
  • Direct-to-blister Copper Smelting with the ISASMELT Process
  • Improving Separation of Cu-Fe from Copper Slag by Mineral Phase Reconstruction
  • Phase Transformation of High Calcium Type Tin, Iron-bearing Tailings during Magnetizing Roasting Process
  • Sensitivity of Contactless Ultrasound Processing to Variations of the Free Surface of the Melt with Induction Heating
  • Extraction of Zinc from Willemite by Sodium Salt Roasting and Ammonia-leaching Process
  • Part 6: Ironmaking and Steelmaking
  • Influence of Puhrstahl Heraeus Refining Process on Aluminum Consumption in Interstitial-Free Steel Smelting Process
  • Formation Mechanisms of Inclusions in Spring Steels
  • Investigation on Coal Combustion Behaviors under the Oxygen Blast Furnace
  • Inclusion Control with Ca Treatment to Improve Castability of a Low Carbon Al Killed Steel
  • High Temperature Mineralization Mechanism of Granules during Iron Ore Sintering Process
  • Reduction Behaviors of Sinter Made from Magnetite Concentrates in Reducing Process Simulated COREX Shaft Furnace
  • Part 7: Treatment and Recycling of Slag/Wastes
  • Introduction of Matte Droplets in Copper Smelting Slag
  • Dissolution Behavior of Fe from Glassy Oxide Phase in Steelmaking Slag
  • Penetration Depth of Microwave in Tire Rubber
  • Effect of TiO2 on Thermophysical Properties and Structure of P-bearing Steelmaking Slags
  • Analysis for Optimum Conditions for Recovery of Valuable Metals from E-Waste through Black Copper Smelting
  • Precipitation Behavior of MxTi3-xO5 in the Titanium-Bearing Electric Furnace Slag
  • Part 8: Utilization of Complex Ores
  • Evaluation of Molybdenum Concentrates
  • Intensification of Gold Leaching from a Multi-refractory Gold Concentrate by the Two-stage Roasting-alkaline Sulfide Washing-cyanidation Process
  • The Recovery of Cobalt from Copper Converter Slag by Reduction-sulfurization Smelting at High Temperature
  • Roasting of Celestite in Laboratory Scale Rotary Furnace
  • The Experimental Study of CaCO3 in the Vanadium Extraction Process
  • The Extraction of Zinc from Zinc Ferrite by Calcified Roasting and Ammonia Leaching Process
  • Part 8: Poster I
  • A New Method to Detect the High Temperature Distribution in the Ironmaking and Steelmaking Industry
  • A Study for Reconstructing the Three-dimensional Temperature Field of a Blast Furnace Raceway Based on Monte Carlo Method
  • Behaviour of Silicon in Nickel Laterite by Carbothermic Reduction in Vacuum
  • Effect of CaO Addition on the Behavior of Vanadium and Phosphorus during Oxidation and Leaching Process
  • Effect of Inner Shape on Blast Furnace Performance for Iron Making
  • Effect of Lance Configurations on Coal Flow and Combustion Characteristics
  • Effect of Silicon on Removal of Phosphorus from High Phosphorus Si-Mn alloy by CaO-Based Slag
  • Effect of Super Gravity on the Solidification Structure and C Segregation of High Carbon Steel
  • High Temperature Distribution Measurement of the Blast Furnace Raceway through Imaging Techniques and Optimization Algorithms
  • Kinetics and Reduction Behavior of Self-reducing Briquettes Containing Blast Furnace Dust
  • Model Analysis of the Phenomena of Pulverized Coal Injection in Blast Furnace
  • Sintering Performance of Blends Containing High Proportion of Limonite Iron Ore Fines
  • Thermodynamics Study on Phosphorus Distribution between 2CaOSiO2-3CaOP2O5 Solid Solution and Liquid Slag
  • Two-step Copper Smelting Process at Dongying Fangyuan
  • Part 9: Poster II
  • Comparison of the Ringing Characteristics between Acid and Alkaline Iron Ore Pellets Powder in Kiln
  • Comprehensive Utilization of Ludwigite Iron Concentrate by Gas-based Direct Reduction
  • Decarburization of Spent Petrochemical Catalysts via Microwave Oxidation Roasting
  • Effect of FeO Content in Laterite Nickel Slag on the Corrosioin Behaviour of Refractory Materials
  • Effects of Blowing Conditions on the Dispersion States of Materials Charged into Bottom Blown Oxygen Smelting Furnace
  • Effects of Pre-oxidation and Additives on Carbothermic Reduction of Ilmenite Concentrate
  • Influence of Converter Slag on Decomposition Behavior of Limestone during BOF Steelmaking Process
  • Influence of Hot Charge on Blast Furnace Performance for Iron Making
  • Investigation and Application of Evolution System of Stock Surface Gas Flow Distribution in Blast Furnace
  • Investigation of the Carbothermic Reduction of Chromium-containing Vanadium Extraction Residue
  • Molecular Dynamics Study of the Structural Properties with Varying
  • One-step Extraction of Lead from Spent Lead-acid Battery Paste via Reductive Sulfur-fixing Smelting: Thermodynamic Analysis
  • Removal of Cd(II) Ion from Aqueous Solution by Adsorption on Wasted Low Grade Phosphorus-containing Iron Ore
  • Research on the Flow Behavior of Molten Slag through Pore
  • Study on the Influence of Materials on Heat Transfer Characteristics of Blast Furnace Cooling Staves.