Advances in Shape Memory Materials [E-Book] : In Commemoration of the Retirement of Professor Hisaaki Tobushi / edited by Qingping Sun, Ryosuke Matsui, Kohei Takeda, Elżbieta A. Pieczyska.
Matsui, Ryosuke, (editor)
Pieczyska, Elżbieta A., (editor) / Sun, Qingping, (editor) / Takeda, Kohei, (editor)
Cham : Springer, 2017
X, 241 p. online resource.
Advanced Structured Materials ; 73
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Table of Contents:
  • 1 Fabrication and output power characteristics of heat engines using tape-shaped SMA element
  • 2 One-dimensional phase transformation model and its application to damping enhancement analysis
  • 3 A review on experimental investigations of rate sensitivity of deformation behavior in Fe-based shape memory alloys
  • 4 Shape memory effect and superelasticity of textured NiTi alloy wire
  • 5 Development of the technology teaching materials using Ti-Ni shape memory alloy
  • 6 A review of shape memory polymers thermos-mechanical modeling. Analysis in the frequency domain
  • 7 Computational study of stretching rate effects on pattern formation in NiTi thin strips
  • 8 Mechanical properties of shape memory alloys and polymers A review on the study by Prof. Tobushi
  • 9 Fatigue property and enhancement of fatigue life of TiNi shape memory alloys - An overview
  • 10 Intelligent shape memory actuators
  • 11 Structural and magnetic properties of magnetic shape memory alloys on Ni-Mn-Co-in self-standing films
  • 12 Simultaneous measurement of continuum strain field and intermittent martensite band nucleation in single crystal Ni-Mn-Ga foils
  • 13 Thermomechanical coupling and localization effects examined in shape memory alloys and polymers by fast and sensitive infrared camera
  • 14 Anomalous Properties of TiNi processed by severe plastic deformation
  • 15 Grain size effects on Youngs modulus and hardness of nanocrystalline NiTi shape memory alloy
  • 16 Grain size effects on wear resistance of nanocrystalline NiTi shape memory alloy
  • 17 Experimental study of critical stresses of Fe-28Mn-6Si-5Cr SMA under various temperature conditions
  • 18 Cyclic compressive responses of NiTi shape memory alloyeffects of loading frequency.