Catalysis. [E-Book] / Editors: James Spivey, Yi-Fan Han 29
Han, Yi-Fan, (editor)
Spivey, James, (editor)
Cambridge, UK : Royal Society of Chemistry, 2017
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Specialist Periodical Reports
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Table of Contents:
  • Advances in methanation catalysis
  • Recent advances in electrochemical promotion of catalysis
  • Mixed metal oxides and catalytic redox cycles
  • Heterogeneous electrocatalysts for CO2 reduction
  • Production and use of H2O2 for atom-efficient functionalization of hydrocarbons and small molecules
  • Transitioning rationally designed catalytic materials to real working catalysts produced at commercial scale: nanoparticle materials
  • Dehydrogenation of long chain n-paraffins to olefins a perspective
  • Investigations of the impact of biodiesel metal contaminants on emissions control devices