Programming the HPA-axis by early life experience: Mechanisms of stress susceptibility and adaptation [E-Book] / Rachel Yehuda ; Nikolaos P. Daskalakis
Lausanne : Frontiers Media SA, 2015
1 electronic resource (140 pages)
early life stress ; HPA axis ; Vulnerability ; resilience ; materna
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Experiences during early life program the central nervous- and endocrine-systems with consequences for susceptibility to physical and mental disorders. These programming effects depend on genetic and epigenetic factors, and their outcome leads to an adaptive or maladaptive phenotype to a given later environmental context. This Research Topic focused on the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA)-axis and stress-related phenotypes, and on how HPA-axis programming by the environment precisely occurs. We included original research, mini-review and review papers on a broad range of topics related to HPA-axis programming.