Language and Cognition [E-Book] / Leonid Perlovsky ; Kuniyoshi L. Sakai
Lausanne : Frontiers Media SA, 2015
1 electronic resource (125 pages)
Language ; Cognition ; Emotions ; Brain and functional imaging
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Interaction between language and cognition remains an unsolved scientific problem. What are the differences in neural mechanisms of language and cognition? Why do children acquire language by the age of six, while taking a lifetime to acquire cognition? What is the role of language and cognition in thinking? Is abstract cognition possible without language? Is language just a communication device, or is it fundamental in developing thoughts? Why are there no animals with human thinking but without human language? Combinations even among 100 words and 100 objects (multiple words can represent multiple objects) exceed the number of all the particles in the Universe, and it seems that no amount of experience would suffice to learn these associations. How does human brain overcome this difficulty?