Applied Computational Materials Modeling [E-Book] : Theory, Simulation and Experiment / edited by Guillermo Bozzolo, Ronadl D. Noebe, Phillip B. Abel, D.R. Vij.
Abel, Phillip B. (editor)
Bozzolo, Guillermo. (editor) / Noebe, Ronadl D. (editor) / Vij, D.R. (editor)
Boston, MA : Springer US, 2007
XVI, 491 p. online resource.
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Table of Contents:
  • Ab initio modeling of alloy phase equilibria
  • Use of computational thermodynamics to identify potential alloy compositions for metallic glass formation
  • How does a crystal grow? Experiments, models and simulations from the nano- to the micro-scale regime
  • Structural and electronic properties from first-principles
  • Synergy between material, surface science experiments and simulations
  • Integration of first-principles calculations, calphad modeling, and phase-field simulations
  • Quantum approximate methods for the atomistic modeling of multicomponent alloys
  • Molecular orbital approach to alloy design
  • Application of computational and experimental techniques in intelligent design of age-hardenable aluminum alloys
  • Multiscale modeling of intergranular fracture in metals
  • Multiscale modeling of deformation and fracture in metallic materials
  • Frontiers in surface analysis: Experiments and modeling
  • The evolution of composition and structure at metal-metal interfaces: Measurements and simulations
  • Modeling of low enrichment uranium fuels for research and test reactors.