Environmental Chemistry [E-Book] : Microscale Laboratory Experiments / by Jorge G. Ibanez, Margarita Hernandez-Esparza, Carmen Doria-Serrano, Arturo Fregoso-Infante, Mono Mohan Singh.
Ibanez, Jorge G. (author)
Doria-Serrano, Carmen. (author) / Fregoso-Infante, Arturo. (author) / Hernandez-Esparza, Margarita. (author) / Singh, Mono Mohan. (author)
New York, NY : Springer New York, 2008
XII, 238 p. online resource.
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Table of Contents:
  • Experiments
  • Water Characterization
  • Dissolved Oxygen in Water
  • Alkalinity and Buffering Capacity of Water
  • Aqueous Carbonate Equilibria and Water Corrosiveness
  • The Point of Zero Charge of Oxides
  • Experimental Transitions in E vs pH (or Pourbaix) Diagrams
  • Air Oxidation of Metal Ions
  • Photoassisted Reduction of Metal Complexes
  • Anionic Detergents and o-Phosphates in Water
  • Halogenated Hydrocarbons and the Ozone Layer Depletion
  • Acid Mine (or Acid Rock) Drainage
  • Electrochemical Treatment of Gas Pollutants
  • Electrochemical Treatment of Liquid Wastes
  • Electrochemical Treatment of Polluted Soils
  • Removal of Nitric Oxide by Complex Formation
  • Photocatalytic Remediation of Pollutants
  • Chemical Mineralization of Pollutants Through the Fenton Reaction
  • Production and Analysis of Chloramines
  • Production and Analysis of Chlorine Dioxide
  • Metal Ion Recovery By Cementation
  • Green Chemistry: The Recovery and Reuse of Sulfur Dioxide (Obendrauf’s Method)
  • Microorganisms in Soil, Water, and Air
  • Toxicity Assay Using Bacterial Growth
  • Wastewater Disinfection.