Safety, Reliability and Risks Associated with Water, Oil and Gas Pipelines [E-Book] / edited by Guy Pluvinage, Mohamed Hamdy Elwany.
Elwany, Mohamed Hamdy. (editor)
Pluvinage, Guy. (editor)
Dordrecht : Springer Netherlands, 2008
XI, 349 p. online resource.
NATO Science for Peace and Security Series
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Table of Contents:
  • General Approaches of Pipeline Defect Assessment
  • Application of Sintap to the Failure Assessment of Gas Pipes
  • Interaction between Material Properties, Inspection Accuracy and Defect Acceptance Levels in Strain Based Pipeline Design
  • Failure of Cylindrical Shells: Numerical and Experimental Study
  • Leak Detection by Using the Impedance Method
  • Corrosion Fatigue Cracking and Failure Risk Assessment of Pipelines
  • Initiation of Stress Corrosion Cracking and Hydrogen-Induced Cracking in Oil and Gas Line-Pipe Steels
  • Failure Analysis of Polyethylene Gas Pipes
  • Stable and Unstable Crack Growth in Pipes
  • Some Insights into the Fatigue Crack Propagation in Tubes Under Internal Pressure — Proposition of Predicting Models
  • Hydrogen Effect on Fatigue Life of a Pipe Steel
  • The Experience on Safety, Reliability and Risk Assessment of Some Ukrainian, Russian and Latvian Transite Pipe Lines
  • Reliability Assessment of Pipelines using Phimeca Software
  • On a New Software Project for Welding Simulations of Pipes (Fabrication, Repairs) and for the Evaluation of Fatigue Behaviour of Pipes in Service
  • Welded Penstock, Produced of High-Strength Steel and Application of Fracture Mechanics Parameters to Structural Integrity Assessment
  • The Thermal and Mechanical Behavior of a Joint Pipe System Calculated by Finite Element Method
  • Degradation of the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Pipeline Material Depending on Exploitation Term
  • Deformation Characteristics of Carbon Steels Under High Temperatures
  • Fracture Mechanics Analysis of Repairing a Cracked Pressure Pipe with a Composite Sleeve
  • Review of Gas Transmission Pipeline Repair Methods.