Radiation Induced Molecular Phenomena in Nucleic Acids [E-Book] : A Comprehensive Theoretical and Experimental Analysis / edited by Manoj K. Shukla, Jerzy Leszczynski.
Leszczynski, Jerzy. (editor)
Shukla, Manoj K. (editor)
Dordrecht : Springer Netherlands, 2008
XII, 677 p. 238 illus. online resource.
Challenges and Advances In Computational Chemistry and Physics ; 5
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Table of Contents:
  • Radiation Induced Molecular Phenomena In Nucleic Acids: A Brief Introduction
  • Single-Reference Methods for Excited States in Molecules and Polymers
  • An Introduction to Equation-of-Motion and Linear-Response Coupled-Cluster Methods for Electronically Excited States of Molecules
  • Exploring Photobiology and Biospectroscopy with the Sac-Ci (Symmetry-Adapted Cluster-Configuration Interaction) Method
  • Multiconfigurational quantum chemistry for ground and excited states
  • Relativistic Multireference Perturbation Theory: Complete Active-Space Second-Order Perturbation Theory (CASPT2) With The Four-Component Dirac Hamiltonian
  • Structure and Properties of Molecular Solutes in Electronic Excited States: a Polarizable Continuum Model approach based on the Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory
  • Nonadiabatic Excited-State Dynamics of Aromatic Heterocycles: Toward the Time-Resolved Simulation of Nucleobases
  • Excited-State Structural Dynamics of Nucleic Acids and Their Components
  • Ultrafast Radiationless Decay in Nucleic Acids: Insights From Nonadiabatic Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics
  • Decay Pathways of Pyrimidine Bases: From Gas Phase to Solution
  • Isolated DNA Base Pairs, Interplay Between Theory and Experiment
  • Isolated Guanine: Tautomerism, Spectroscopy And Excited State Dynamics
  • Computational Study of UV-Induced Excitations of DNA Fragments
  • Non-Adiabatic Photoprocesses of Fundamental Importance to Chemistry: From Electronic Relaxation of DNA Bases to Intramolecular Charge Transfer in Electron Donor-Acceptor Molecules
  • Photostability and Photoreactivity in Biomolecules: Quantum Chemistry of Nucleic Acid Base Monomers and Dimers
  • Computational Modeling of Cytosine Photophysics and Photochemistry: From the Gas Phase to DNA
  • From the Primary Radiation Induced Radicals in DNA Constituents to Strand Breaks: Low Temperature EPR/ENDOR Studies
  • Low Energy Electron Damage To DNA
  • Radiation Effects On DNA: Theoretical Investigations Of Electron, Hole And Excitation Pathways To DNA Damage
  • Stable Valence Anions of Nucleic Acid Bases and DNA Strand Breaks Induced by Low Energy Electrons.