Green Chemical Reactions [E-Book] / edited by Pietro Tundo, Vittorio Esposito.
Esposito, Vittorio. (editor)
Tundo, Pietro. (editor)
Dordrecht : Springer Netherlands, 2008
XVI, 232 p. online resource.
NATO Science for Peace and Security Series, Series C: Environmental Security
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Table of Contents:
  • An Introduction to Green Chemistry
  • The Possibility to Obtain a New Generation of Ionic Liquids Starting From Natural Compounds
  • Catalysis in Ionic Liquids: A Key to Sustainable Chemistry
  • Ionic Liquids for Spectroscopy; Spectroscopy for Ionic Liquids
  • Chemical Reactions and Related Phase Behavior in Supercritical Co2 and Co2/Ionic Liquid Mixtures
  • Water-Based Metal Remediation Processes: Basics and Novel Developments
  • ‘Greener’ Organic Syntheses Under Non-Traditional Conditions Using Microwave and Ultrasound Irradiation and Mechanochemical Mixing
  • The Greenest Reagent in Organic Synthesis: Light
  • Hydrogen Peroxide in Green Oxidation Reactions: Recent Catalytic Processes
  • Dimethyl Carbonate: Green Solvent and Ambident Reagent.