Traceability in Chemical Measurement [E-Book] / edited by Paul De Bièvre, Helmut Günzler.
Bièvre, Paul De. (editor)
Günzler, Helmut. (editor)
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 2005
XII, 300 p. online resource.
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Table of Contents:
  • Measurement principles for traceability in chemical analysis
  • Protocols for traceability in chemical analysis
  • Protocols for traceability in chemical analysis
  • Metrological traceability in laboratory medicine
  • Traceability and analytical chemistry
  • Do interlaboratory comparisons provide traceability?
  • From total allowable error via metrological traceability to uncertainty of measurement of the unbiased result
  • Practical considerations on the traceability to conventional scales
  • Traceability of (values carried by) reference materials
  • What can we learn from traceability in physical measurements?
  • How to achieve international comparability for chemical measurements
  • The key elements of traceability in chemical measurement: agreed or still under debate?
  • The practical realization of the traceability of chemical measurements standards
  • Link to the SI via primary direct methods
  • The role of reference materials
  • The measurement assurance concept in calibration and traceability at NBS/NIST
  • Lifetime of the traceability chain in chemical measurement
  • Proficiency evaluation as a traceability link in chemical metrology
  • Achieving traceability in chemical measurement — a metrological approach to proficiency testing
  • Traceability issues in measurement
  • Comparative study of the presentations at the CCQM workshop on traceability
  • Traceability in laboratory medicine
  • Testing for foods derived from modern biotechnology: opportunities and limitations for metrology
  • A national traceability system for chemical measurements
  • Establishing measurement traceability in clinical chemistry
  • Clinical Laboratory Reference Networks
  • One way of disseminating reference values with demonstrated traceability and demonstrated uncertainty to field laboratories: IMEP
  • Implementation of traceability — needs and perspective of the in-vitro-diagnosticum industry
  • Improvements in efficiency of production and traceability for certification of reference materials
  • Traceable measurements in clinical laboratories
  • A traceability protocol to the SI by gravimetric analysis
  • Reference samples for analysis of gas impurities in aluminium and titanium alloys: Features of production, certification and usage to ensure traceability of results
  • The use of certified reference materials in the Romanian traceability scheme
  • Traceable measurements of pH
  • The development of gas standards and calibration techniques for measurements of vehicle, aircraft and industrial emissions, natural gas, occupational exposure and air quality
  • Problems of traceability of total protein and catecholamine determinations in human urine
  • Traceability in routine chemical measurements: an example of application in the determination of CO2 at atmospheric concentration
  • Traceability of measurement results of the effective acquisition time in gamma-ray spectrometry implemented by the pulser method
  • Practical ways in establishing traceability in chemical and other measurements in Mexico
  • Benefits of the implementation of a metrological structure for water analyses
  • Validation steps for traceability of linear calibrated chemical measurements
  • Traceability, is it what we really want in our chemical measurements?
  • Traceability in measurement — time for an update?
  • On the existence of primary methods of measurement
  • Traceability and uncertainty — A comparison of their application in chemical and physical measurement
  • Traceability and its role in interlaboratory comparisons (proficiency testing programmes), modeled on trace element determination in biological materials
  • Traceable property values of in-house reference materials
  • Primary reference materials and traceability chain for gas composition
  • Traceability to units
  • Traceability without uncertainty: current situation in the pharmaceutical industry
  • The role of reference materials in analytical chemistry
  • Meeting ISO/IEC 17025 Traceability Requirements
  • UK delivery of traceable chemical measurements in the 21st century: building on the foundation of the VAM programme
  • Disseminating traceability in chemical measurement: Principles of a new EURACHEM/CITAC guide
  • CITAC Position Paper: Traceability in chemical measurement
  • Glossary of analytical terms.