Precursor Chemistry of Advanced Materials [E-Book] / edited by Roland A. Fischer.
Fischer, Roland A. (editor)
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 2005
XVII, 214 p. online resource.
Topics in Organometallic Chemistry ; 9
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Table of Contents:
  • M.D. Allendorf, A.M.B. van Mol: Gas-Phase Thermochemistry and Mechanism of Organometallic Tin Oxide CVD Precursors
  • A. Devi, R.A. Fischer, J. Müller and R. Schmid: Materials Chemistry of Group-13 Nitrides
  • M. Veith, S. Mathur: Single-Source-Precursor CVD: Alkoxy and Siloxy Aluminum Hydrides
  • S. Schulz: CVD Deposition of Binary AlSb and GaSb Material Films - A Single-Source Approach
  • M. Putkonen, L. Niinistö: Organometallic Precursors For Atomic Layer Deposition
  • Ph. Serp, J.-C. Hierso and Ph. Kalck: Surface Reactivity of Transition Metal CVD Precursors: towards the Control of the Nucleation Step
  • M.A. Malik and P. O'Brien: Organometallic and Metal-organic Precursors for Nanoparticles.