Anion Sensing [E-Book] : -/- / edited by Ivan Stibor.
Stibor, Ivan. (editor)
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 2005
X, 238 p. online resource.
Topics in Current Chemistry ; 255
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Table of Contents:
  • F.P. Schmidtchen: Artificial Host Molecules for the Sensing of Anions
  • I. Stibor, P. Zlatusková: Chiral Recognition of Anions
  • P. Lhoták: Anion Receptors Based on Calixarenes
  • F. Davis, S.D. Collyer, S.P.J. Higson: The Construction and Operation of Anion Sensors – Current Status and Future Perspectives
  • P.D. Beer, S.R. Bayly: Anion Sensing by Metal-Based Receptors
  • C. Suksai, T. Tuntutlani: Chromogenetic Anion Sensors
  • R.J.T. Houk, S.L. Tobey, E.V. Anslyn: Abiotic Guanidinium Receptors for Anion Molecular Recognition and Sensing.