Natural Product Synthesis I [E-Book] : Targets, Methods, Concepts / by J. Mulzer.
Mulzer, J. (author)
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 2005
X, 239 p. online resource.
Topics in Current Chemistry ; 243
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Table of Contents:
  • B. Basler, S. Brandes, A. Spiegel and T. Bach: Total Synthesis of Kalsoene and Preussin
  • R. Bandichhor, B. Nosse and O. Reiser: Paraconic Acids - the Natural Products from Lichen Symbiont
  • M. Hiersemann and H. Helmboldt: Recent Progress in the Total Synthesis of Dolabellane and Dolastane Diterpenes
  • L.A. Wessjohann and E. Ruijter: Strategies for Total and Diversity-Oriented Synthesis of Natural Product (-Like) Macrolides
  • M. Sefkow: Enantioselective Synthesis of C(8)-Hydroxylated Lignans: Early Approaches and Recent Advances.