Plant Cells [E-Book] / edited by J. -J. Zhong, S. Y. Byun, G. H. Cho, J. W. Choi, J. R. Haigh, H. Honda, E. James, J. W. Kijne, D. -I. Kim, T. Kobayashi, J. M. Lee, M. Kino-oka, J. C. Linden, C. Liu, J. Memelink, N. Mirjalili, H. Nagatome, M. Taya, M. Phisaphalong, R. van der Heijden, R. Verpoorte.
Byun, S. Y., (editor)
Cho, G. H., (editor) / Choi, J. W., (editor) / Haigh, J. R., (editor) / Heijden, R. van der, (editor) / Honda, H., (editor) / James, E., (editor) / Kijne, J. W., (editor) / Kim, D. -I., (editor) / Kino-oka, M., (editor) / Kobayashi, T., (editor) / Lee, J. M., (editor) / Linden, J. C., (editor) / Liu, C., (editor) / Memelink, J., (editor) / Mirjalili, N., (editor) / Nagatome, H., (editor) / Phisaphalong, M., (editor) / Taya, M., (editor) / Verpoorte, R., (editor) / Zhong, J. -J., (editor)
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 2001
XI, 231 p. 12 illus. in color. online resource.
Advances in Biochemical Engineering/Biotechnology ; 72
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Table of Contents:
  • Biochemical Engineering of the Production of Plant-Specific Secondary Metabolites by Cell Suspension Cultures
  • Gas Concentration Effects on Secondary Metabolite Production by Plant Cell Cultures
  • Integrated Bioprocessing for Plant Cell Cultures
  • Genetic Modification of Plant Secondary Metabolite Pathways Using Transcriptional Regulators
  • The Production of Foreign Proteins from Genetically Modified Plant Cells
  • Large-Scale Plant Micropropagation
  • Characterization and Application of Plant Hairy Roots Endowed with Photosynthetic Functions.