Activation of Unreactive Bonds and Organic Synthesis [E-Book] / edited by Shinji Murai, H. Alper, R. A. Gossage, V. V. Grushin, M. Hidai, Y. Ito, W. D. Jones, F. Kakiuchi, G. van Koten, Y.-S. Lin, Y. Mizobe, S. Murai, M. Murakami, T. G. Richmond, A. Sen, M. Suginome, A. Yamamoto.
Alper, H., (editor)
Gossage, R. A., (editor) / Grushin, V. V., (editor) / Hidai, M., (editor) / Ito, Y., (editor) / Jones, W. D., (editor) / Kakiuchi, F., (editor) / Koten, G. van, (editor) / Lin, Y.-S., (editor) / Mizobe, Y., (editor) / Murai, S., (editor) / Murai, Shinji, (editor) / Murakami, M., (editor) / Richmond, T. G., (editor) / Sen, A., (editor) / Suginome, M., (editor) / Yamamoto, A., (editor)
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 1999
IX, 267 p. online resource.
Topics in Organometallic Chemistry ; 3
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Table of Contents:
  • A General Survey and Recent Advances in the Activation of Unreactive Chemical Bonds by Metal Complexes
  • Activation of C-H Bonds: Stoichiometric Reactions
  • Activation of C-H Bonds: Catalytic Reactions
  • Catalytic Activation of Methane and Ethane by Metal Compounds
  • Cleavage of Carbon—Carbon Single Bonds by Transition Metals
  • Activation of Si—Si Bonds by Transition-Metal Complexes
  • Activation of C-O Bonds: Stoichiometric and Catalytic Reactions
  • Activation of Otherwise Unreactive C-Cl Bonds
  • Activation of the N-N Triple Bond in Molecular Nitrogen: Toward its Chemical Transformation into Organo-Nitrogen Compounds
  • Metal Reagents for Activation and Functionalization of Carbon-Fluorine Bonds.