Interrelationship Among Aging, Cancer and Differentiation [E-Book] : Proceedings of the Eighteenth Jerusalem Symposium on Quantum Chemistry and Biochemistry Held in Jerusalem, Israel, April 29–May 2, 1985 / edited by Bernard Pullman, Paul O. P. Ts’o, Edmond L. Schneider.
Pullman, Bernard, (editor)
Schneider, Edmond L., (editor) / Ts’o, Paul O. P., (editor)
Dordrecht : Springer Netherlands, 1985
X, 345 p. online resource.
The Jerusalem Symposia on Quantum Chemistry and Biochemistry ; 18
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245 1 0 |a Interrelationship Among Aging, Cancer and Differentiation  |h [E-Book] :  |b Proceedings of the Eighteenth Jerusalem Symposium on Quantum Chemistry and Biochemistry Held in Jerusalem, Israel, April 29–May 2, 1985 /  |c edited by Bernard Pullman, Paul O. P. Ts’o, Edmond L. Schneider. 
246 3 |a Proceedings of the Eighteenth Jerusalem Symposium on Quantum Chemistry and Biochemistry held in Jerusalem, Israel, April 29-May 2, 1985 
264 1 |a Dordrecht :  |b Springer Netherlands,  |c 1985  |e (Springer LINK) 
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490 |a The Jerusalem Symposia on Quantum Chemistry and Biochemistry ;  |v 18 
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505 0 |a Interrelationships among Aging, Cancer and Differentiation -- Deceleration of Cancer Mortality Rates with Age and Time -- Clinical Aspects of Cancer in the Elderly -- Overview of the Pathobiology of Aging -- Regulators of Growth, Differentiation and the Reversal of Malignancy -- Transforming Genes of Human Malignancies -- Cancer Cells as Probes of Embryonic Development -- Alterations in Epidermal Differentiation in Skin Carcinogenesis -- Virus Transformation as a Function of Age, Differentiation and Hereditary Factors -- Negative Control of Viral and Cellular Enhancer Activity by the Products of the Immortalizing E1A Gene of Human Adenovirus-2 -- Expression of two Murine Gene Families in Transformed Cells and Embryogenesis -- Methotrexate Resistance, Gene Amplification, and Somatic Cell Heterogeneity -- Macromolecular Correlates of Cellular Senescence and Cancer -- Dominance of in Vitro Senescence in Somatic Cell Hybridization and Biochemical Experiments -- Studies on Gene Structure and Function in Aging: Collagen Types I and II and the Albumin Genes -- Retrovirus-like Gene Families in Normal Cells : Potential for Affecting Cellular Gene Expression -- The Conformational Effects of UV Induced Damage on DNA -- DNA Supercoiling and Gene Expression -- Intermediates in Transcription Initiation and Propagation -- New Carbohydrate Binding Proteins (Lectins) in Human Cancer Cells and their Possible Role in Cell Differentiation and Metastasation -- Control of Gene Expression by Oligonucleoside Methylphosphonates -- Genetic Mechanisms in Tumor Progression, Heterogeneity, and Metastasis -- Genes, Fragile Sites, Chromosomal Translocations, and Cancer in Aging -- Comparison of Human and Rodent Cell Transformation by Known Chemical Carcinogens -- Critical Molecular Events and Gene Regulation in Carcinogenesis, Differentiation and Aging -- Monoclonal Antibodies Directed against Alkyl-Deoxynucleosides and Cell Type- and Differentiation Stage-Specific Cell Surface Determinants in the Study of Ethylnitrosourea-Induced Carcinogenesis in the Developing Rat Brain -- Structure and Biology of Scrapie Prions -- Diseases of Aging : Viral Genes and Perturbation of Differentiated Functions in Persistent Infection -- Ageing and Cancer. A Common Free Radical Mechanism ? -- Cancer in the Elderly : Clinical and Biologic Considerations -- Cellular studies on the Interrelationship Among Cancer, Aging and Cellular Differentiation. 
520 |a In 1980. a distinguished group of scientists gathered In Washington. D. C. for an International Symposium on Aging and Cancer. Among the recommendations of this Symposium was to convene a future meeting to discuss the molecular basis for Interrelationships between aging and cancer when the appropriate scientific knowledge was available. That same year. the 13th Jerusalem Symposium on Quantum Chemistry and Biochemistry entitled ·Carcl­ nogenesls : Fundamental Mechanisms and Environmental Effects·. was held. attended by some 50 International authorities In this field. At this meeting. It became clear that the fundamental process of carcinogenesis 15 Intimately associated with differentiation. which must also be mechanistically related to aging. It was therefore proposed that the next Jerusalem Symposium on Cancer could provide the appropriate forum for the study on the Interrelationship among cancer. aging and differentiation. The Impressive advances In our knowledge of the nature of the genome through molecular genetic and physical chemical techniques have now provided the opportunity to examine the Interrelationships between these complex biolo­ gical processes. Through the Isolation. cloning and rearranging of genes we are able to dissect and manipulate the genome In a fashion that was unanticipated only a decade ago. At the same time. the Increase In longevity and the Increased numbers of Individuals entering the last decades of life where cancer Incidences are highest raise the profound and practical question of whether aging and cancer are linked through common mechanisms. 
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