2D-Gravity in Non-Critical Strings [E-Book] : Discrete and Continuum Approaches / by E. Abdalla, M. C. B. Abdalla, D. Dalmazi, A. Zadra.
Abdalla, E., (author)
Abdalla, M. C. B., (author) / Dalmazi, D., (author) / Zadra, A., (author)
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 1994
IX, 319 p. online resource.
Lecture Notes in Physics Monographs ; 20
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Table of Contents:
  • Correlation Functions in the Bosonic Theory (Continuum Approach for Spherical Topology)
  • Hermitian Matrix Model
  • Conformal Basis for Scaling Operators
  • Correlation Functions for the N=1 Super Liouville Theory
  • N=1 Super Eigenvalue Model
  • Correlation Functions in N=2 Super Liouville Theory
  • Final Remarks and Outlook.