Nonlinear Phenomena in Physics and Biology [E-Book] / edited by Richard H. Enns, Billy L. Jones, Robert M. Miura, Sadanand S. Rangnekar.
Enns, Richard H., (editor)
Jones, Billy L., (editor) / Miura, Robert M., (editor) / Rangnekar, Sadanand S., (editor)
Boston, MA : Springer, 1981
X, 609 p. online resource.
NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series, Series B: Physics ; 75
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Table of Contents:
  • Computation and Innovation in the Nonlinear Sciences
  • to Nonlinear Waves
  • Remarks on Nonlinear Evolution Equations and the Inverse Scattering Transform
  • The Linearity of Nonlinear Soliton Equations and the Three Wave Interaction
  • Contour Dynamics: A Boundary Integral Evolutionary Method for Inviscid Incompressible Flows
  • Numerical Computation of Nonlinear Waves
  • Bifurcations, Fluctuations and Dissipative Structures
  • Chemical Oscillations
  • Models in Neurobiology
  • Nonlinear Waves in Neuronal Cortical Structures
  • Bifurcations in Insect Morphogenesis I
  • Bifurcations in Insect Morphogenesis II
  • Selection and Evolution in Molecular Systems
  • Escape from Domains of Attraction for Systems Perturbed by Noise
  • Seminars
  • Error Propagation in Translation and it’s Relevance to the Nucleation of Life
  • Pseudopotentials and Symmetries for Generalized Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations
  • Superposition Principles for Nonlinear Differential Equations
  • On Some Nonlinear Schrodinger Equations
  • Asymptotic Evaluation Methods of Nonlinear Differential Equations Near the Instability Point
  • Nonlinear Superposition of Simple Waves in Nonhomogeneous Systems
  • A Method of Solving Nonlinear Differential Equations
  • Lecturers
  • Participants.